How Can You Help?

Abdulrahman needs your help and support. Abdulrahman’s family needs your help and support. 

You can help Abdulrahman and make a difference in a number of ways.

Sign the Petition

Petitions are a great way to garner public support. Let Abdulrahman and his family know that you support this campaign. 

Sign the petition HERE

Submit a Complaint to the Prime Minister's Privy Council

The top elected official of Canada, the Honorable Justin Trudeau, should know about the tragedy of Abdulrahman’s case and do his utmost to bring him back home. Abdulrahman does not belong in prison. At the very least, he should serve his time in Canada where he would be supported by his family, community and mental health services.

Click HERE for the Privy’s Council Office contact information.

Submit a Letter to NSIRA

The National Security and Intelligence Review Agency (NSIRA) is currently reviewing the complaint before further investigation of the case. Let NSIRA know that the public do not agree with the actions taken by the RCMP and that NSIRA should review this case. 

Send a letter to MP Murray Rankin who serves as the chair of NSIRA.

Call/Mail Your Member of Parliament

Call or mail your Member of Parliament and let them know about Abdulrahman’s case. Abdulrahman needs the support of elected officials to spread awareness of his situation and to take action in bringing him back to Canada. Click HERE to find your Member of Parliament. 

Call/Mail Key Ministers

Beyond your respective Member of Parliament, you can also call or mail important and relevant Ministers that can help bring Abdulrahman home.


The Honourable Bill Blair, the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, HERE

MP Joel Lightbound, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, HERE

Share Abdulrahman's Story on Social Media

Abdulrahman needs his voice to be understood correctly by the public. Share his story online and support Abdulrahman by using #BringAbdulHome. Showcase and disseminate this webiste online. Let’s spread this awareness and  campaign.

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Write a Letter to Your Local Newspaper Editor

A simple but effective action is to contact your local newspaper editor so that Abdulrahman’s story can be heard by the community. An increase in local awareness of and exposure to Abdulrahman’s story is a stepping stone for national and international recognition of his plight.

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"What makes this story even more disturbing is that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) knowingly participated in this sting with the FBI. They unlawfully obtained Abdulrahman’s medical records that described his mental health vulnerabilities and provided them to the FBI to better manipulate this damaged youth.

This raises serious human rights concerns of discriminatory investigations, targeting vulnerable youths such as Abdulrahman, who had no previous history of violence or criminality, until drawn in by a U.S. government actively involved in developing the plot, persuading and pressuring the target to participate."

Dennis Edney

Canadian Defence lawyer