As Muslims in Canada and around the world get ready to celebrate Eid al-Adha tomorrow, which honours the relationship between Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and his son Ismael, it will be our fourth consecutive Eid without our son, Abdulrahman. Eid is a joyous occasion spent with family.  

My son was filled with fun, kindness and has always carried a big chunk of my love around with him. Despite the fact of having mental illness, he was that kind of kid who had a kind soul and beautiful heart. We were happy to be together as a family and Eid has always been  a great opportunity to do so. As his mom, I’m looking out the window, remembering how he was helping me to decorate our garden, choosing new clothes and plating together on Eid.” – Khadiga

Pictured: (Left) Previous Eids with Abdulrahman; (Right) Last Eid with Abdulrahman

We cannot visit or see him, especially since the start of COVID-19. We communicate via letters, never knowing when we will receive his next letter to know how he is and how he is being treated.  We have created a new section on our website called “Abdulrahman’s Letters” so you can also stay updated on Abdulrahman’s situation as he struggles with inhumane treatment.

“As I walk to check on my husband, I find him sobbing. Then I look into my daughter’s room and see that she is crying too. It is obvious that everyone is so heartbroken and having a hard time spending every Eid without him. Please, Bring Abdul home” – Khadiga

Pictured: Abdulrahman having fun on Eid