Voices of Support

For Abdulrahman

Many human rights advocates and experts have called to save Abdulrahman’s life and bring him back home to Canada.  



Feras Marish, Head of Arab Canadian Vote

Taha Ghayyur, Executive Director, Justice for All Canada

Dr. Yasser Aboutaha, DAR Foundation

Dr. Rufaida Ahabash, President of al-Andalus Institute for Islamic Studies

Dr. Katherine Bullock, PhD. Lecturer, University of Toronto Mississauga

Dr. Monia Mazigh – Author and Human Rights Activist

Osama Fouda, Muslim Community Entrepreneur

Dr. Hamid Slimi, Imam, Resident Scholar and Founder of Sayeda Khadija Centre

Younus Imam, SALAM Project

Professor Mohamed Bakr, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at McMaster University

Mona Ayesh, Human Right Activist

Dr. Ahmed Baumy – Doctor

Maan Musleh, Activist and Businessman

Sheikh Alaa ElSayed, Mercy Mission World

Ehab Soliaman, Aldar Foundation

Yasmeen Youssef – Community Leader

Mubin Shaikh – Professor of Public Safety, Seneca College

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"What makes this story even more disturbing is that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) knowingly participated in this sting with the FBI. They unlawfully obtained Abdulrahman’s medical records that described his mental health vulnerabilities and provided them to the FBI to better manipulate this damaged youth.

This raises serious human rights concerns of discriminatory investigations, targeting vulnerable youths such as Abdulrahman, who had no previous history of violence or criminality, until drawn in by a U.S. government actively involved in developing the plot, persuading and pressuring the target to participate."

Dennis Edney

Canadian Defence lawyer