Abdulrahman continues to face harsh and inhumane prison conditions. As a young Canadian with mental health issues in a high security American prison, this environment is causing him physical, mental and emotional trauma. Some of these treatments include solitary confinement, no proper medication and mental health treatment, no family calls, lack of commissary money and therefore lack of essential items, and torture.

Abdulrahman is a bright and eloquent human being as shown in his writing ability. Here is a poem he has written that describes firsthand this unforgiving environment.


Can’t touch my soul
Screams of pain is all I hear
Chains cutting my flesh,

All I know is fear,
Chained to beds,
Can’t move far or near, can’t move far or near.

Using the bathroom on myself,
My humiliation is clear.
For days not fed,
All I know are my tears. All I know are my tears.
But it don’t end

Your torture, it depends.
They’ll take your clothes for days,
Or not give you your trays,
Take your mattress and blankets,
Or spray you with mace.

That’s prison in the USA,
It’s the human rights of today.
Try to complain, but it’s your word against theirs,
To make it plain, about you no one cares.
Your rights? You left them at the door,

The guards, they’ll talk to you in any which way,
You’re a “b****”, a “d******” – whatever they want to say,
Try to protest, you’ll go back to where we begun
Chained to a bed, it’s how this place runs.

Hands stretched far over your head,
Chains ripping at your skin,
For days you won’t get fed,
Your pants are what you’ll defecate in.

When it’s done you’ll just go back to your cell
Locked alone, time you can’t tell
It’s just you and the walls.

I swear it feels like hell.
Get me out of this misery
Isolation is messing up my brain chemistry.

Hey officer…Hey officer…Can I come out for a walk?
Can you unlock my cell, just to talk?
“NO!” he says as he walks the block. “You’ll remain your whole life behind a lock.”

What can I do now but cry in pain,
The walls are my friends – I feel insane.
Can’t see outside, no sun or even rain.