On July 7, #BringAbdulHome in partnership with #JusticeForSoli hosted a webinar entitled ‘The Tragic Injustice of a Canadian Minor with Mental Illness: Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy’. The purpose and objective of this webinar was to shed light and have a discussion about Abdulrahman’s story, mental health, entrapment, and how to protect our children from entrapment.

With a panel of experts and advocates, Abdulrahman’s El Bahnasawy’s case was discussed through different perspectives (in sequential order of the webinar):


  • Yusuf Faqiri, founder of Justice for Soli: introduction
  • Khadiga Ahmad, Abdulrahman’s Mother: a touching summary of Abdulrahman’s story
  • Yusuf Faqiri, founder of Justice for Soli: mental health
  • Khalil Meek, executive director at MLFA: entrapment
  • Hassan Shibly, executive director of CAIR Florida: entrapment
  • Monia Mazigh, author and academic: personal experience of bringing a loved one back to Canada and why Canada should bring Abdulrahman home
  • Imam Mohamed Refaat, President of CCI: religious and spiritual message, community support for Abdulrahman
  • Osama El Bahnasawy, Abdulrahman’s Father: advice to prevent such a story from happening and message to the Canadian public and Canadian government