As father’s day just passed, I would like to share with you some thoughts that I wrote on my 4th consecutive occasion without my son, Abdulrahman.

Imagine. Imagine you are a caring father of a young son with mental illness who rarely left his room and never committed a crime in his life. Imagine on a family trip to the United States, the FBI grabs your son out of the car and tells you he was chatting online. There are no words to describe this emotion of confusion..

Imagine your son being put into isolation without any consideration of his mental illness. Imagine your son contemplating suicide on more than one occasion. Imagine your son being taken advantage of by his own federal defender to plead guilty, only to be sentenced to 40 years in prison for charges of conspiracy.

Imagine all of this happening because the FBI entrapped your son while he was minor using his mental disorder to encourage him to take the steps he would not otherwise have done. Imagine our Canadian RCMP playing a role by unlawfully obtaining my son’s medical records and providing this sensitive material to the FBI.

Imagine your son being tortured and treated harshly in prison. Imagine your son not getting the required and correct medication. Imagine driving 10 plus hours to visit your son and when you arrive either the prison prevents you from visiting or you see your son chained behind a glass wall.

Imagine 4 years without your son. Imagine 4 straight Father’s Day without your son.

We do not wish this upon anyone’s child. I spent Father’s Day like every day praying that Abdulrahman will come back home to Canada and our family.

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Abdulrahman’s last Father’s Day gift for me in 2015