Language is a vehicle to transmit human expression; however language has its limitations in truly expressing one’s feelings. Nonetheless, Abdulrahman’s mother, Khadiga, has written a poem on Mother’s Day – a day that she has been separated  from her son for 4 years – describing these thoughts and emotions. 


How dare you take a sick child from his mother.
You cooperated together in the entrapment of a mentally ill minor

What exactly was your mission?
Was it truly public safety OR Was it to create a fabricated crime for public terror?

Why did you unlawfully access his CAMH file?
Was it to protect him while he was vulnerable and waited to be treated for severe addiction and bipolar disorder OR
Was it to manipulate a mentally ill 17-year-old boy to follow you across the border?

As a Canadian mother I am left with a broken heart forever and so many questions unanswered

Did you ever consider the implications of your cruel mission?

Did you ever consider how much this mentally ill boy may suffer?
Did you ever consider the torture this innocent boy would face through years of solitary confinement forever?

Scared and screaming at night “please help” and if he is heard, he is tortured

I can’t imagine how easy it would have been for you to save my son’s life by just a visit or a call
But instead you left him to a fate he did not deserve at all

My son is suffering and his life is threatened in a prison system that has no mercy.
No treatment, limited visitations and sometimes even hungry and thirsty.

True heroes would have chosen to protect my son’s life
Instead of leaving him vulnerable to a dubious defense who made him plead guilty like stabbing himself with a knife

Canadians be Warned!

My son is a testament of the risk to any Canadian child.
So we have submitted a complaint against the RCMP with their unlawful actions that we have compiled

Canadians need to know that our country protects our young ones
and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will reunite me with my only son.

Please, we need your help fellow Canadians

My son was a mentally ill minor.
Abdulrahman is asking for help from the other side of the border.

#BringAbdulHome is a human right case that should protect our Canadians future!!