Solitary Confinement,  February 11, 2020

When you’re alone in a cell, only walls you see,
Time you can’t tell and no contact with humanity,
No people to touch and no one to see,
Your mind is your world, every thought – every memory

What can you do but think – think about the past
Reliving every moment, what you used to be
A regular human, living life, having a blast
For hours you stare, thinking about this history

If you’re blessed to get a book, you’ll escape your confinement
But once you put it down, you’re back in solitary
You’re stuck with shock, that the books are not where you went

The only way to escape your reality
Is in your dreams, you’re back outside with your family
When you awake, you realize you’re in tragedy
A cell, 2 by 4, with no one to see

As months pass, your mind collapses
Concentrations gone, and memory backflips
No sound all day, you are hearing voices
It’s all in your head, it got no choices

Talking to yourself helps time pass
Calculating all the things you didn’t do in the past
Like what season the Quran was revealed